Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lollipop Tree: How To

A couple months ago, I was completely inspired by a post by the Hollywood Candy Girls for Lollipop Trees they had created for an event. As soon as I read the post, I wanted to try them!

My nephew's 2nd birthday party was this weekend so I thought it would be the perfect project for the event. I started out buying buckets at Michael's to put the trees in along with the other supplies needed. My husband helped out by securing the tree in the bucket using some quick concrete we had on hand.

To decorate, I covered the wooden stick with ribbon and filled the bucket (first covering the concrete with plastic wrap) with skittles. Then the fun part! I started putting the Blow Pops and Tootsie Pops around the Styrofoam ball to make the tree. I ended up using 10 bags of lollipops for one tree!!

When I make these again, I'm going to purchase some Dum Dums or other small lollipop also to fill in the spaces. I also will be purchasing a thicker stick to use because the top was very heavy and easily fell over if you bumped it. I may try Rock Candy too next time!

We had a little mishap at the party so the tree ended up being used outside by the kids area instead of on the dessert table. It still looked really cute though!!

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