Monday, May 23, 2011

Make Your Wedding Your Own

Everyone calls it "Your Big Day" so make it that way! Your wedding is about you, your husband and your new life together. It is not about dresses, flowers, table settings or stationary!

Weddings have transformed into a celebration of individuality with new and innvotive ideas being introduced everyday. Traditional ways are still important, especially with certain faiths and ceremonies but receptions have evolved even more to reflect a couples' style and how they will spend their new life together.

It's very simple...Make your day your own.
  • Do things your own way, not because they are tradition or the "right" way, do them because that's what makes you feel comfortable and happy.
  • Make compromises with your family, especially if they are helping you pay for the wedding but it does not have to be their way or the highway.
  • Follow ettiquette but not to the point that it makes you and your future spouse stressed and unhappy.
Much easier said than done, but you will be happier and enjoy planning your wedding instead of stressing out and fighting with family members.

Need advice? I'm always here! As always, happy planning with any projects on your plate...

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