Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Host a Beer Tasting Party

This past weekend we went to the 14th Annual Kennett Square Brewfest held right in downtown Kennett Square, PA. We got to sample beers from over 50 local and regional breweries!

Cute little mini-mugs were handed out when you entered the event to taste each beer...
My friend Melissa & I at the brewfest on Saturday...
My brothers, my dad & I enjoying some beers & food...Not sure where my husband Carter is, we must have lost him!

Didn't get to attend this weekend? Host your own Beer Tasting Party this fall...My friend Melissa and I threw a Beer Tasting BBQ this summer. We had everyone bring a six pack, labeled the cups for each tasting and poured the beers in a different room so people didn't know which one they were going to try next. Using a simple home-made rating card (made by Melissa), tasters rated the beers and we added up the totals at the end. Our friend Rich's home-brewed beer ended up being the winner!

It would be great to throw this party now with all the delicious fall beers available. All you need is cups, labels, delicious snacks, a few six packs & some beer lovers!

Labeled cups with numbers for each tasting...
The ratings were revealed at the end of the party.
Beautiful day so we were able to play some outdoor games between tastings!

The grill master PJ making some delicious kabobs...they were so good!

Ratings sheet and room for comments...

Have fun planning your own Beer Tasting Parties and make sure to send me an invite :)

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