Thursday, June 14, 2012

It's Five O'Clock Somewhere

Happy Summer! It's time to sit back, relax in the sun and enjoy a summer cocktail. Below are some delicious cocktails to sip on this summer season. Click on the drink titles to get the recipes!

Contributed by: David Yan
Featured on: Food and Wine

Would be perfect for happy hour with some chips and salsa!

Contributed by: Nancy Mitchell, The Backyard Bartender
Featured on: The Kitchn

The problem with some recipes is that they are for making only a couple cocktails so it is hard to double or triple the recipe with the same taste for a larger party. I love that this is for making a pitcher! Much easier for summer "the more the merrier" type gatherings...

Contributed by: Mixologist Cody Robertson at Lingba San Francisco
Featured on: Marie Claire

Beautiful summer punch to sip on!

Contributed by: unkown
Featured on: Marie Claire

Another delicious summer cocktail featured on Marie Claire. Can't wait to make this one and dream that I'm in Paris for summertime...

Check out Marie Claire for tons of other chic summer cocktail recipes!

Featured on: Scaling Back

This is a non-alcoholic cocktail that I thought looked very refreshing for summer. With all the different berries in season, you could easily adapt this recipe to raspberries or other types of mixed berries. You could also add vodka or another type of alcohol! 

Featured on: Iowa Girl Eats

I just discovered this blog a couple weeks ago and it's become one of my fav resources for recipes. Can't wait to try this refreshing Grapefruit Mojito recipe and also want to try the Chicken Satay recipe included in the same post. 

Featured on: With Style & Grace

This one is for the wine lovers! Mix up your wine of choice with your fav fruit to make a slushie this summer. Options are endless with this one!

Featured on: A Cup of Mai

Last but certainly NOT least, one for the beer lovers! Being a beer fan myself, there is nothing like opening a fresh summer beer at a BBQ or picnic. But I would like to try this fresh summer cocktail that combines beer with fresh fruit!

Hope you enjoy these refreshing cocktails this summer. I know I will!

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  1. Wow, such mouthwatering finds you shared here! Must try a few before summer ends. :-)