Monday, August 6, 2012

St. Kitt's Party!

A couple of years ago, we were very lucky to take a trip with some of our best friends to beautiful St. Kitts. Our friend's dad and aunt own a condo on the island and were nice enough to lend us the place for a week. It was paradise...

Flying into St Kitts
Amazing view from the condo
Sunsets on the beach every night
We enjoyed a week of relaxing on the beach, drinking rum punch with the locals and enjoying all the activities of St Kitts. Since then, many people have stayed at our friend's Dad's condo and have gotten the pleasure of visiting this gorgeous island so they thought it would be fun to get everyone together for a St. Kitts party!

One of the main places in St. Kitts is Mr. X's Shiggidy Shack, known for its beach bonfires, rum punch and ribs/lobster meals. We were able to experience this laid-back, beach party atmosphere our first night in St. Kitts and then again at the party hosted by John and Gail Unangst!

They rented a tiki bar for the backyard which we turned into the Shiggidy Shack bar!

Large selection at the bar including Carib and Rum Punch!

Melissa, Gwen, Lloyd and me at the party

JD, PJ and Carter

JD and Gwen got engaged in St. Kitts earlier this year!

My husband Carter and I

All Shiggidy Shack food was served including ribs, chicken, lobster, salad and rice. So good!

The grilled lobster was my favorite!

Gail did a beautiful job of setting up the backyard for the party. She put St. Kitts flags on each table for guests to take home as a favor.

Signs and banners created by Creative Melissa Designs

Our St Kitts group, missing Carmella and John in this picture

A huge thank you to John and Gail for hosting the party and allowing us to stay at their place in St Kitts. Also, to our friends JD and Gwen for helping with the party and inviting us on that amazing vacation that we will never forget!

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