Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Summer Olympics Party!

In honor of the 2012 Summer Olympics, my friend Melissa from Creative Melissa Designs and her husband PJ hosted an Olympics Themed Party! All types of games/activities were going on at the party including Shuffle Board, Kan Jam, "Match the Wine with the Country" and "Match the Cheese with the County". Here are some pictures from the party:

Whipped Vodka Jello shots inspired by That's so Michelle

My husband Carter and I went as Beach Volleyball Players

Decorating supplies bought at Oriental Trading

Melissa and I working on our beach volleyball skills to win gold!

Congrats to Team USA for winning the most medals at the Olympics this year!


  1. FUN! And those "match the wine..." and "match the cheese..." games must've been a blast!

  2. So fun, we had a great time!!