Friday, July 26, 2013

Chalkboard Sign Tutorial

Chalkboard signs have become increasingly more popular these days. With chalkboard paint readily available, it is so easy to turn a mirror, frame, old window pane or just a wall into a chalkboard sign area. There are also lots of gorgeous designs for artwork and designs available if you don't want to actually make a chalkboard or buy one.

I decided it was finally time for me to make a chalkboard of my own! This has been a project on my To-Do list for a while now and I'm happy to report that it was NOT a "Pinterest Project Failure" post. A couple purchases (mirror from Home Goods and Chalkboard Paint at Lowe's) and two coats later, I was in business to start posting quotes, lists and more on my new chalkboard.

If you aren't confident with your own handwriting skills, you can always print out the letters and trace them onto the board. Recently, I helped a friend create a sign for her MIL's retirement party. We were nervous about handwriting the main letters, so we found this easy process after a quick Pinterest search.

1. Print out the letters or saying that you want to put on the chalkboard. Make sure the letters are large enough for your sign. You may need to cut each letter out to be able to place them where you want on the board.

2. Turn over the paper and cover the backside of the paper with the chalk.

3. Place the paper, chalk-side/backside against the chalkboard and outline the letter with a pen or pencil. When you take away the paper, you will see a faint outline of the chalk letter which you can go over again with the chalk on the board. 

4. Continue with all the letters/sayings/design that you want to put on the board until complete. 

We did a very simple design for our first try, but you could put different designs or sayings on the board from printed out images from websites. Need ideas for what to post on your chalkboard when you're not using it for a certain event? Check back here for my "Chalkboard Ideas" on Pinterest and follow my pages for ideas! 

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