Saturday, April 11, 2015

Build a Better Candy Bar

Candy Bars and Buffets aren't a new concept for events these days, but clients that I work with still ask the same questions when putting one together for their upcoming event or wedding. 

How much candy should I purchase?

This usually depends on how many guests you are expecting, but a general rule to use is 5 lbs of 6-7 different types of candy. If you are expecting 200+ guests, I would increase the amount to 5-7 lbs of 7-8 types. If you are expecting less than 100 guests, 5 lbs of 5-6 types should be plenty!

What type of candy should I purchase?

I advise my clients to purchase candy that they like to eat and are their favorites, not to base it on their event colors. Sometimes when you purchase candy based on colors, you are limited with the kinds you can buy and there tends to be tons left over that no one likes. You should also consider the time of year for your event. If you are having a summer event, you probably want to avoid a lot of chocolate or other coated candies that could melt easily in the hot weather. Lastly, if you have a limited budget, name brand candies are usually more expensive so go with a generic version if you can. 

Where should I purchase the candy?

I recommend buying from a bulk candy vendor. I order from CandyWarehouse, but there are lots of other sites and local stores to choose from. CandyWarehouse usually has coupon codes for discounts or shipping offers. You can also search by color, type of event or type of candy which makes choosing your candy a lot easier. 

How many jars do I need to purchase?

For an average candy bar, you'll be ordering 5 lbs of 5-6 different types of candy so you will need 7-8 different jars. Apothecary jars, vases and bowls can all be used as candy jars and it's good to use a good mix of high, low and medium to create levels. For apothecary jars, try to use ones that don't have too small an opening because guests will have trouble getting the candy out of them. Also, take into account the age of your guests. If it is a kids' party, you'll want to have jars that are lower and can't easily be knocked over. My favorite site for jars is SaveOnCrafts. They have a variety of vases, bowls & jars to choose from at great prices. Make sure to order your scoops too! 

How do I decide which candy goes in which jars?

I always wait until the candy comes to plan out the buffet, so I can see the actual size of the candy and which will fit best in which jars/vases. Put your jars out and try different candies in each to see what looks best. Your larger candy may be better in tall vases to fill the whole container. You can also decide if one type of candy is going to go in multiple vases, jars or bowls on the table. Post-it notes and taking photos can help plan out the candy bar for easy set-up the day of the event.

What bags or containers should I buy for my guests to take the candy in?

Small bags are the easiest option. You can purchase custom bags on Etsy and other websites which can be displayed on the candy bar table or the guest place settings. Boxes can be good too, but only if you have a place to display them. 

Do I need to decorate my candy table?

You don't need to do much and can always re-purpose decor items. For weddings, use a floral arrangement from your place card table for the candy table since the place card table is normally re-purposed for favors. A simple sign thanking your guests for coming or adding to the theme of your event is also a good idea to decorate the table. Another way to decorate is adding some ribbon to the jars or vases.

Make sure you get some photos of your candy bar before your guests dig in!

Still have questions about your candy bar? Email me at and I'll help you!

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