Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wedding Season!

"What do you like better, Christmas or Wedding season?"
"Yes, the answer would be, um, Wedding Season!"

Just as they put it in Wedding Crashers, Wedding Season is right around the corner and is my favorite time of year! The sun is coming out from behind the clouds, flowers are blooming, brides are planning their special day, what could be better?

Lots of planning goes into putting a wedding together successfully, but the most important thing to remember is that it is only one day. Your wedding shouldn't be about putting you and your fiance or your family in debt, it's about spending the rest of your lives together.

Another important concept to keep in mind is keeping the wedding about you and your fiance. Your wedding should be a reflection of your personalities and your style. Don't aways follow traditionals just because someone says you have to...keep it classy but incorporate elements of both your personalities into your special day. Maybe you both share a love of candy so a candy bar is your wedding favor displaying all your favorite sweets & treats. Or maybe you both aren't very religious so look for a neutral place like a park or outdoor area to have your ceremony instead of getting married in a church.

Have fun while planning your day! It's supposed to be the best time of your life and sometimes stress makes you just want to get it over and done with. Enjoy all your planning & days leading up to the big day because it goes by VERY fast!

Stay tuned for more wedding tips this month...Happy Wedding Season!

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