Thursday, April 29, 2010

Backyard BBQ Ideas

Memorial Day is right around the corner and that means break out your white & time to fire up the grill! BBQ don't always have to be about hot dogs, burgers & beer...make some nice upgrades to your Memorial Day bash this year and impress your guests with new food, decorations and most importantly, new drinks!

One of my favorite themes to get the summer started is a tropical theme. Turn on some island tunes or make a playlist with all songs related to the beach/summer/vacation. Decor should include Tiki torches around the yard, outdoor candles and other soft lighting to set the mood. Relay the message to your guests ahead of time with an Evite ( and it's FREE) and remind them to wear their tropical theme attire for the party. It's also fun to have flowers for the girls to put in their hair and leis for everyone to wear.

Instead of your same old mix of beers & wine, turn on the blender and make some margaritas, pina coladas & other fruity drinks. For an extra touch, cut up some fruit like strawberries and pineapple to put on the sides of the glasses & get umbrellas. If your guests aren't into fruity drinks, try my new favorite summer drink of Sweet Tea Vodka & lemonade. Or if there are beer lovers in your crowd, add corona to the mix but don't forget the limes!

Your menu does not have to be just hot dogs, burgers and some chips...mix it up with skewers of marinated shrimp & chicken. My husband's favorite is jerk shrimp and chicken, both are delicious! Add pineapple and veggies to your skewers also and serve along side brown rice. You can also have your BBQ favorites but it's fun to add in some new dishes for your guests to try.

The last party of your party should be the activities and this ranges from group to group. Some friends like to sit around and relax, enjoy the company. Others are constantly on the move so plan activities that fit the crowd. Fun activities could include bocce ball, washers (tailgating game), card games...or you could go with your theme and have volley ball, limbo, and start a congo line around your yard! Make sure to have small gifts for the winners...

I hope I've given you some ideas for your next BBQ...stayed tuned for more party tips and the launch of Classic Events By Kris!! Website and Logo are almost done!

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