Monday, October 25, 2010

Real Parties: Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween party planners! Hope you all have your costumes & candy ready for Halloween weekend. The pictures below are from a Halloween Party that my friend and I hosted the other weekend. Enjoy!

Spooky cupcakes decorated with spider rings...quick tip: buy store bought icing and dye with food coloring. Then use a pastry bag and decorative tip to ice the cupcakes. Makes them look more professional, saves time and money!

Trick or Treat table filled with appetizers & desserts for guests to enjoy...

Mantel was the first things guest saw when they walked in so had to make sure to decorate!

Rice krispie treat Jack-O-Laterns....dye the marshmallow mixture before adding the cereal to make them orange. Great idea for any holiday!

"Trick or Treating" isn't just for kids! Make your own bags of candy to take home & enjoy...

Spooky picture decorations: cut out eyes of old paintings or photos and insert christmas lights...

Creepy, glowing jars of eye balls & skulls!! Did you know Tonic water glows with a black light? Fill jars with tonic water & put in creepy item like plastic eye balls or skulls, then put a votive candy on top. Put the black light behind the jars to make glow.

"Witch's Brew" bar...Make your own "Witch's Brew" for your next party!  

Need more Halloween ideas or have questions? Please contact me at Happy Halloween everyone!!

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