Thursday, September 15, 2011

Are you ready for some Football?!?!?

Football season has arrived! On Sundays during the fall/winter, our house is always full of football fans cheering on their favorite teams. This weekend we started off the season with a great first Eagle's Game tailgate party. Problem, I was too busy planning/decorating/cooking, that I didn't take any pictures of the party!!!

BUT here are some of my favorite products for planning football parties:

I wanted to make our dining room table look like a football field but didn't have time to purchase the felt or green fabric and tape to make the field so I ended up purchasing this heavy duty plastic one from Amazon. It was perfect! The tablecloth fit the table and can be wiped down easily for all our other football parties this fall/winter.

Cupcake wrappers are a simple and quick way to dress up your cupcakes and stick with your theme. Etsy has a lot of great vendors offering different styles but one of my favorites is Thats A Wrap. These football cupcake wrappers were perfect for our Eagles tailgate party! 

My first stop for all my party supplies is Party City because they have a done of different items for cheap prices! I picked up football plates/napkins for appetizers and then bought Eagles plates/napkins for dinner. The football banner they have isn't too expensive and works great in lots of places in homes. They have a lot of other football decorations too!

Football Serving Items

I have collected A LOT of football serving trays and dishes over the years. Great places to look for football items is on Amazon, Dollar Stores, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target and local boutique stores (may have something really unique for your favorite team!). One of my favorite items is a football slow cooker (Pro Pot) that my husband and I got at a family reunion auction. We only paid $1.00!! I love doing different hot dips in it with chips to keep warm for the whole game.

Now you have the decorations and parties supplies covered! The last key ingredient to throwing a successful football party is the FOOD! We made up a special menu with "Game Day Starters" for appetizers, "Halftime Show" for the main dish and "Second Half Sweets" for dessert. Changing up the names to your dishes to include the players or coaches is also a fun way to customize the party to your favorite team. Include local favorites and make sure to have lots of snacks to keep your football fans happy!! 

Need more inspirations? Check out my Pinterest page for "Football Parties"

Lastly, try to prepare some things ahead of time (or plan your menu with simple favorites) so you can enjoy the game with your guests and relax!


  1. Sometimes, store-bought props are just the thing to clinch your party look! Great finds you've shared.