Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Place Cards

There are tons of ways to dress up your Thanksgiving table but my favorite detail is the place cards. Place cards are an easy way to personalize your table, incorporate a theme and organize your guests to sit down for dinner.

My parents host Thanksgiving every year and I am always put in charge of making the place cards. I have so much fun researching new designs on my favorite blogs and Pinterest. This year I went for a more rustic look and modeled by design after this inspiration on Pinterest (Monkeys On The Roof shop on Etsy).

Now that I had my design/inspiration, I headed to Michael's for supplies! I ended up choosing a cream colored paper for the part the name would be printed on and a fun, rustic orange design for the background. Then I stumbled across a new find in the scrap-booking section....
 These Martha Stewart Glitter Pens have become my new obsession!! Every color glitter you could ever need in an easy-to-use pen for all types of projects! I ended up using the copper, orange and gold colors to outline some of the rustic design in the background on the cards. For the holders, my husband was nice enough to help me and cut some branches with slits to hold the cards.

 I was very pleased with the way they turned out and excited to show off my new design this year!

This year, I am thankful most for my husband, family and friends...without their love and support, I would be lost.

I hope you and your family have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!


  1. They are way cute and turned out great! I need to try those glitter pens!!

  2. Thanks Holly!! Definitely get the glitter pens...good for all projects!

  3. Hhhmmm...the possibilities of those glitter pens!