Tuesday, December 6, 2011

2011 Holiday Gift Guide

Lots of fun gifts for the holiday season! 
Here are some of my favs:

 Adorable hair, shoe & other clip-on accessories for holiday parties and events...love them all!

 My husband got me a pair of slippers from L.L. Bean for my birthday and I LOVE them. Lots of fun colors to choose from too!

"...a delicious glimpse that goes behind the glitter of fame into the hearts of three sisters fiercely devoted to one another and the family they love." Need they say more! Excited to cozy up with this book on a snowy day with some hot chocolate...

My husband and I are in desperate need for new wine glasses. We are breaking them all the time! I love these stemless ones that can be used for both red & white wine. 

 You can find all types of hats, gloves & scarves on Etsy. The site is filled with talented vendors offering great prices on amazing designs for all things homemade. Love these ones with pearls/flowers! I also really like the fingerless ones because I can use my phone and do other things will still keeping my hands warm.

 My mom's friend found me one of these at Marshall's or TJ Max, it was the best find. It's not only cute to wear just as is but can also be worn 8 different ways!

My parents got me a new jewelry box from Pottery Barn for my birthday and it is the perfect organizer for all necklaces, rings, earrings & accessories. Also, it looks great on your dresser or displayed somewhere.

Happy Holiday Shopping!

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