Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Are Cupcakes the new Cake?

More & more we see brides and other event planners serving cupcakes as the main dessert instead of cake...so are cupcakes the new cake?

Personally, I love cupcakes! They are the perfect portion of cake & icing plus with mini ones, you can try different flavors without feeling guilty. Have two pieces of cake? A little different...

I recently planned a bridal shower at my house and was fortunate to serve Jennifer Cooper's CoopCakes. She is a new baker on the cupcake scene but has a large variety of flavors including three of my choices for the shower: Vanilla Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Mocha & Vanilla Coconut. These tiny, delightful creations were the perfect treat for my guests. Most of the guests could not stop at one and resorted to trying one of each kind. The cupcakes were not only delicious but a beautiful display for the bridal shower. The square tower was decorated ribbon & flowers to match the color scheme of the event and was featured as a focal point for the event.

The great thing about cupcakes is that they fit every event you are planning whether it be a graduation party, birthday party, bridal shower or wedding. You can dress them up or down, decorate them with any colors, and display them in various ways...the sky's the limit!

Have a favorite cupcake vendor?? Please share with the rest of us...

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