Thursday, August 19, 2010

Building Your Own Drink Bar

All events normally involve beverages whether they are a signature cocktail for a wedding, mimosas for a bridal shower or a special punch for your kid’s birthday party. The drink bar is a great way to highlight specific details of your event and make it memorable for your guests. Several elements such as the location, cups and napkins can help define your event and set it apart from others.

The first step to creating your drink bar is deciding what types of beverages you will be serving. By defining who your guests will be and the type of event will really help with this step. Even if you are having an adult party, you will always want to have a non-alcoholic option for your guests.
Once you’ve decided what drinks you will serve for your event, you can choose a location and feel for the area where the drink bar will be set-up. Do you want it to be a large display for your event? Or would you like it to be toned down because your dessert area will be a higher priority? This step helps you to figure out how you want to decorate it and how much of your budget will go towards this part of your event.

The third step is to decide how to match the drink bar to your theme. Easy ways to incorporate your theme is through signs, containers the drinks are being served in and mixers/straws. By dressing up the signs announcing each drink, it adds extra detail to your drink bar plus you can use the colors and theme of the event on the signs. You can make smaller signs and attach them to straws or sticks to use as stirrers for the drinks. The containers can be glass jars for more of a home-time feel or champagne glasses that are different colors. This all depends on the theme of your event.

Dressing up a drink bar can make a big difference when setting your event apart from others. Don’t be afraid to try new styles or take ideas from other event blogs you’ve read or seen online and adapt these to your event. Just follow the steps and you’re on your way to creating a fabulous drink bar for any event!


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