Monday, September 6, 2010

Creating an Inspiration Board

Inspiration boards are a great way to organize your thoughts and ideas about an upcoming event you are planning. To start, work on collecting examples or ideas from other events that can go with the theme. These items can be color swatches, patterns, lighting ideas, foods and all sorts of factors that go into planning your event. By collecting your ideas and examples in one spot, you can start organizing everything and making sure you don’t move away from your initial “big picture” for the event.

Example: Inspiration Board for a Housewarming Party

All types of ideas were put together in this inspiration board including colors for the event, ideas for decorations, drinks to serve and decorations. The board serves as an organizational tool for event planners but does not have to be the exact ideas presented. You can mold the ideas to fit your event style or theme.

Example: Color Schemes for Weddings/Events

These are two great examples of Inspiration Boards created by Betsywhite Stationary Boutique ( Their blog called “Flights of Fancy” features blog entries of inspiration boards all the time about color schemes for weddings/events or dress designs. My favorite entries are from “Inspired Intern Laura”…

Creating an inspiration board can really help when starting to plan your event. Have questions or need help starting? Please contact me at for your FREE consultation!

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