Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Real Parties: Accessories Swap Party!

After reading a post on Brassy Apple about her Accessories Swap Party, I had to plan this for my friends! I chose to make everything very girrly and go with hot pink and zebra prints for the decor for the party. I did not plan any activities other than swapping but you can choose to have your guests choose numbers to pick out accessories or there are several other ways of coordinating your swap.

We spent the night drinking wine, snacking on delicious appetizers & desserts and swapping accessories! Overall, a great girls night in....

The bar was stocked with pink vodka, white/red wines, mixers and pink sugar rimmed glasses (Tip: Use honey to rim the glasses with sugar, not water. Helps keep the sugar on the glasses and adds extra sweetness to your drinks.)

The dessert table was filled with cake pops, chocolate covered pretzels and chocolate covered strawberries, decorated with pink/zebra linens and pink votives. All the vases had pink and/or zebra ribbon around them to add to the color scheme.

I purchased a mirror at Michael's to use on the table, displayed on a recipe book holder with zebra ribbon to fit with our theme! The jewelry stand is also from Michael's.

Small pink bags were located on the Accessories Table so guests could package their chosen items to bring home...

There was plenty of room to try on and browse all the accessories. Bags, hats and scarves were arranged in a different location than jewelry and hair accessories. We had a great assortment of items for everyone to choose from!

Guests took home hand-made fabric business card holders in zebra and pink fabric, very cute for all the fashionistas that attended!

Our dog Mason was even accessorized to match the decor with a zebra print bow!

I would like to thank the following companies for their inspiration posts & ideas for this party:

Invitations: Facebook Invite
Linens: Joanne Fabrics
Signs & Decor: Classic Events By Kris
Tableware: Target
Desserts: Classic Events By Kris

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